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TOP & Board level, CXOs, HODs appointments

As the title suggests, Executive Search caters to the Upper Crust of an organization that builds the strong foundation. They are the pillars of strength for any organization. Ritejobs® has a talent pool of Indian/NRIs/Expatriates who could make a strong contribution to the Upper Crust of any organization.

Ritejobs® respects the strict confidentiality of these individuals and our Sr. Consultants interact with them on a one-to-one basis only. We also ensure that we maintain complete confidentiality for such positions and not disclose the same unless the candidate's profile matches with our client's requirement.

Methodology adopted to reach the Upper Crust:

  • Understand the Client organization and the positioning of the vacancy
  • Design & draft the role and the Organization's expectations.
  • Map the Industry
  • Identify relevant candidates
  • Discuss the role and the organization's expectations with the identified candidates
  • Match candidate's expectations with Client's expectations
  • After the initial match, forward a brief profile of these professionals to the client
  • Organize meeting(s) of the short listed candidates with the client
  • Conduct Reference Checks of the selected candidate
  • Facilitate joining and on-boarding of the selected candidate
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