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This agreement governs your use of ritejobs.com.com web site and the content, information and services provided through the web site. It exempts ritejobs.com and other persons from liabilityy or limits their liability and contains other important provisions that you should read.

Each time you use the web site, this agreement as it then reads will govern your use. Accordingly, when you use the web site you should check the date of this agreement (which appears at the top of this agreement) and review any changes since the last version.

This Agreement contains the following provisions:

  • Your Acceptance of this Agreement
  • Scope of this Agreement
  • Changes to this Agreement
  • Permission to Use the Web Site
  • Web Site Communications and Orders
  • Errors
  • No Advice
  • Disclaimer, Liability Exclusion, Liability Limitation, Release and Indemnity
  • Ownership and Permitted Uses of the Web Site
  • Trademark Information
  • Personal Information Privacy
  • Other Sites
  • Linking, Framing, Mirroring, Scraping and Data-Mining the Web Site
  • Termination of this Agreement and the Web Site
  • Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
  • Other Matters


This is an Agreement between you and all persons you represent (and for purposes of this Agreement, "person" includes natural persons and any type of incorporated or unincorporated entity) and Ritejobs.com ("Ritejobs.com"), and governs your use of the Ritejobs.com.com web site and the content, information and services provided through the Ritejobs.com.com web site (collectively the "Web Site"). Each time you use the Web Site you signify your acceptance and agreement and the acceptance and agreement of all persons you represent, without limitation or qualification, to be bound by this Agreement, and you represent and warrant that you have the legal authority to agree to and accept this Agreement on behalf of yourself and all persons you represent. If you do not agree with each provision of this Agreement, or you are not authorized to agree to and accept this Agreement, you may not use the Web Site.

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